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Heavy duty:Metal core

​(Reduction ratio 1:1.65; Max load 8kg,Use for roller blinds ≤ 10㎡.) 

Light Duty,Metal core inside

(Reduction ratio 1:1 & 1.5 & 1:1.7 ; Max load  10kg; Use for roller blinds ≤ 14㎡. )

Construction Features:
1.Special installation of pulling chain;
2.metal core technology, high-quality piano wire springs;
3.Use PA66+GF,POM,PC, high-quality engineering plastics;
4.Three-level springback type idler;
5.fixed and rotating clutch can be choosen;
6.Left and right installation of double roller blinds can be choosen;

Construction Features:
1.Clutch with metal core, piano wire springs;
2.Apply to 38mm/43mm tube of various specification;
3.Three-level springback type idler, clutch with chain installation holes design;
4.Left and right operation double roller blinds system can be offered;
5.Fixed and rotating clutch can be offered;




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Construction Features:
1.metal core technology;
2.Use high quality piano wire springs;
3.springback type idler, reserved chain installation holes design;
4.simple style.System runs smooth and noiseless. 
5.It can be match head rail.

Construction Features:
1.Apply to 28/38mm/43mm tube of various specification;
2.Difference:Dimension,Structure&material,working load,End plug and bracket.
3.Pulling and lifting is even and smooth.low noise and long service life.

Head rail, Metal core inside

(Reduction ratio 1:1 and 1.5;Max load  6kg; Use for roller blinds  ≤ 8㎡. 

Middle duty:Metal core

(Reduction ratio 1:1 and 1.5;Max load  6kg; Use for roller blinds  ≤ 8㎡. 

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